4 Ugly Truths Gossip Reveals about Us

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The phone rang, and it was my best friend. We’ve known each other since the third grade, and it was time for our daily phone call. We started talking about what we were doing that day, events that were coming up that week with our kids, and a frustration or two from the day before.

The conversation continued on to other topics, and as I was telling her a story I said, “You know, she’s the one who had an affair with him and now they’re married with two children. Do you remember?”

The moment the words slid out of my mouth, as nonchalantly as my update on what we had for breakfast, the Holy Spirit pierced my heart. There it was again. Gossip and slander sliding between my lips without any thought until it was too late.

I tried to quickly redeem myself.

“The point being…

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Following The Herd Leads To The Slaughterhouse

Media Diversified

by Gee Ranasinha

Every now and again I’ll get asked to give a presentation at some industry event or another, or to write an article.

Such requests never fail to massage my ego, regardless of how loudly I tell myself that I’m only being asked because 1) they asked everyone else and have been turned down, and 2) there’s a gaping hole in their program/editorial calendar that they need to plug as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Ego-boost goes into overdrive when the person doing the requesting feels that they actually have to sell the idea to me. They’ll talk about size of the audience/readership, demographic or psychographic profiles, monthly traffic and Page Rank. However, the truth of the matter is the very fact my point-of-view is deemed worthy enough to share with someone’s audience is usually reason enough to get me on board.

If you’ve read any of…

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74 Real Things That No One Wants to Talk About…

i thought this was completely true about a teenagers life now adays

Within the White Picket Fence...

  1.   Electronics dominate
  2.   Mounds of laundry take over
  3.   Dishes pile up
  4.   Kids are disrespectful
  5.   Spouses fight
  6.   Homework is an endless battle
  7.   The toilet doesn’t get flushed
  8.   Spouses fight
  9.   Pets have accidents
  10. Kids fight
  11. People feel like giving up
  12. Neglect
  13. Abuse
  14. Indifference
  15. Mental Illness
  16. Parents cuss
  17. Kids cuss
  18. Socks don’t match
  19. Bills are overdue
  20. Cars breakdown
  21. Parents can’t wait for their kids to grow up and move out
  22. Parents fail
  23. People lose their jobs
  24. Mice
  25. Teenagers
  26. Apathy
  27. Denial
  28. Envy
  29. Milk gets spilled
  30. Kids lie
  31. Spouses cheat
  32. People don’t try
  33. People try too hard
  34. Kids can’t wait to grow up and move out
  35. Disappointment
  36. Hatred
  37. Loneliness
  38. Appliances break
  39. People give up
  40. Kids cheat
  41. People eat too much
  42. Spouses lie
  43. Parents yell
  44. Kids don’t listen
  45. Parents lie
  46. People starve themselves
  47. Kids do drugs
  48. People suffer
  49. Confusion
  50. Desperation
  51. Addiction
  52. Candy wrappers are stuffed between the couch…

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