4 Ugly Truths Gossip Reveals about Us

Touching Your Community.com

The phone rang, and it was my best friend. We’ve known each other since the third grade, and it was time for our daily phone call. We started talking about what we were doing that day, events that were coming up that week with our kids, and a frustration or two from the day before.

The conversation continued on to other topics, and as I was telling her a story I said, “You know, she’s the one who had an affair with him and now they’re married with two children. Do you remember?”

The moment the words slid out of my mouth, as nonchalantly as my update on what we had for breakfast, the Holy Spirit pierced my heart. There it was again. Gossip and slander sliding between my lips without any thought until it was too late.

I tried to quickly redeem myself.

“The point being…

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